Divorce Demystified
New York -  Check New York Court Help. It offers forms and information about the law and court procedures. 

North Carolina - Try Law Help North Carolina for easily find-able forms, information about clinics, and some referrals. They have a self-help divorce packet online, as well as numerous other free resources.

North Dakota - the North Dakota Court System has forms and references to statutes on its website, but notes that court employees can't give any information about how to fill out forms and says if you have questions, ask an attorney for help. 

Ohio - The Ohio Legal Help's website offers forms for divorce without children. I checked various other Legal Aid/Services websites without finding a good source of information. 

Oklahoma - there's an Oklahoma State Courts Network website,that has a "click-through" link to Oklahoma Legal Aid's self help forms.  Make sure you see this page.

Oregon - the Oregon Courts Self-Help website has family law forms and info. Family law forms are accessible here.

Pennsylvania - the Pennsylvania court website  has information and resources for people representing themselves in family law matters. There is a paragraph with information to county-specific information. Forms are accessible via links as you scroll down the page.

Rhode Island - the Rhode Island courts website has forms for family law matters. The site didn't seem user-friendly.