Massachusetts - the Massachusetts Court System website has forms available online. It's much more user-friendly than in past years. There are also resources available through Massachusetts Legal Help.

Michigan -  the Michigan Legal Help website has forms and general information about family law cases. There is general information about representing yourself, court rules and legal process. There is also a link to find a Self-Help Center in your area.  

Minnesota - the state's Judicial Branch Self-Help Center offers forms, information, videos, tutorials and resources in English, Spanish, Hmong, Khmer, Russian and Somali. Make sure you access the "Get Forms" tab to locate forms. 

Mississippi - The Mississippi Court website offers no online support services for people who are trying to handle their own divorce, custody and support matters and posts no family law forms. They do provide information steering people to civil legal clinics.

Missouri - Unrepresented parties must complete a litigant awareness program and use court-approved forms. Online resources include the Missouri Legal Services site and the Representing Yourself in Missouri Courts website.  The latter provides access to the litigant awareness program, which can be completed by watching a video or self study, followed by a self assessment survey. 

Montana - Montana ethical rules prohibit lawyers from selling "do it yourself divorce kits" because they mislead clients to think they need no additional advice and consultation and the failure to be fully informed can cause harm to client interests. The Montana Court website offers forms, basic information on divorce, and selected Montana statutes. 

Nebraska - the Nebraska Judicial Branch Self-Help Center offers forms, instructions, information and links to resources.

Nevada - the Nevada Law Library has an information and resource page directing potential DIY divorce parties to various information and resources. Check it out here.

New Hampshire - the state's Judicial Branch Self-Help Center notifies divorcing parties that they can choose limited scope representation as an alternative to full service or no representation. Forms and fee information in family law cases can be found here.

New Jersey - New Jersey Courts Online provides information and forms for divorcing parties. You'll definitely want to access the Legal Services of New Jersey's Divorce Guide, published in 2019. It includes both forms and instructions and is much more user-friendly than the court website.

New Mexico - the New Mexico Judiciary Self Representation website includes family law forms in English and Spanish. Check to make sure unrepresented parties that are not completely in agreement on every issue may file and wage a divorce/dissolution of marriage proceeding without hiring a lawyer. In looking at the website in 2019, I didn't see the warning that only completely agreed cases could be filed by do-it-yourself litigants, but in past years, there was a limitation.