Divorce Demystified
Hawaii -  Hawaii's State Judiciary website has links to downloadable forms and instructions.

Idaho - The Court Assistance Project has forms and information for divorce/family law proceedings, including domestic violence matters.

Indiana -Indiana Courts website has a self-service page where you can access forms and child support calculation information. The Indiana Courts recommend against representing yourself, but have videos to provide a basic how-to education. 

Illinois - Illinois Courts has a form library on their website. You can find standard family law proceedings forms here.  Southern Illinois School of Law used to offer divorce clinics, but I found no reference to them on their website in 2019.

Iowa - Iowa's Judicial Branch website has general information about Iowa laws concerning divorce & separation, custody and support, "Children in the Middle" programs statewide, and child support calculation information.  Once you're on the self-representation page, click links on the menu on the left side of the page.

Kansas - Kansas Legal Services maintains a website offering forms and information to people representing themselves in divorce-related matters.

Kentucky - for Kentucky residents, there are a few forms applicable in divorce cases available from the Kentucky Court of Justice Forms Library. The index is not particularly user-friendly. You can also try The Legal Aid Network of Kentucky. They feature a much more user-friendly site with interactive court forms for child support and simple divorces. 

Louisiana - the information and self help site for Louisiana is Louisiana Law Help. Parish court forms apparently differ from place to place, so this might be a tricky thing to handle on your own. It appears that there are ongoing changes in court procedures statewide and at the parish level, so make sure you're up to date.

Maine - HelpMeLaw.org has forms available in its online library. The state's Judicial Branch website has introductory information and notes that District Court Clerk's offices offer packets that include forms and basic instructions. There is also a case manage
ment process and a case manager may assist with defining steps to take.

Maryland - Family law forms are available (English and Spanish) from Department of Family Administration in the Maryland Courts. The People's Law law Library also has educational information about family law proceedings available online as well as links to the Family Law for the People presentations.