Meri Arnett-Kremian, BA, JD
Divorce and Life Artistry Coach

Anyone with access to your computer can track what internet sites you have visited by checking your computer and web browser's cache or history functions. If you are a victim of domestic violence or stalking, or fear that your partner may be monitoring your behavior for any reason, it may be safer -- but not totally risk-free -- to access certain sites from a public library or other computer to which your partner does not have access.

Current phone technology also stores data about in-coming and out-going calls, so delete any call information (on every handset) that might create a risk to your safety. 

If you have the slightest  concern for your safety, contact a local domestic violence program directly for information, support and referrals for services,  or call toll-free to the National Domestic Violence Hotline (800-799-SAFE)

Navigating the Divorce Transition

If you felt your marriage was worth saving, a partner’s decision to end the relationship can be devastating. Early on, you’ll probably wonder which way is up. You might dwell on trying to figure out what you could have done differently or how to recapture the love you once shared. Even if you were the one who initially wanted a divorce, the reality of the divorce transition is often more challenging that you anticipated.

It’s easy to feel like a victim and get mired in your story of how awful your situation is. Wouldn’t it be more empowering to come to a place of acceptance, to believe that this experience is custom-designed to help you learn and grow? To someday forgive your spouse and even feel gratitude for your time together, the blessings it held, and the wisdom gained through lessons learned?

Your identity as someone's wife or husband may be gone, but your self is still intact. Wounded, fearful, angry perhaps — but fully there. The end of a relationship can’t rob you of the you that you’re intended to be. You’re not defined by your circumstances.

How do you want to show up in the world? You can use your divorce as a catalyst for transformation. Broken dreams can be rebuilt. The power is yours! 

If you’re feeling direction-less or need support as you build a new life on your own terms, a professional divorce coaching relationship can help you master the challenge of your divorce transition. Group divorce coaching, support groups, and online classes (like the ones available through Divorce Demystified) are other options that can help you chart a new course. 

Wouldn’t you love to create your own happily ever after?

You have the power. Now's a perfect time to start!